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Our Customers

Auto Master Title provides services for franchise auto repair shops, company-owned chain repair shops, new car dealerships, towing companies, independent shops, and commercial property.

Auto Master not only does business with any kind of company but also with individuals. The process and the level of service are the same.

A large percentage of our business is through referrals by our happy and established customers. Our satisfied customers have enabled us to be a successful service provider and grow our business to what it is today.

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Red Abandoned Car

The process varies due to COVID restrictions, and can take up to 8 months.

They may pick up the vehicle within the next 30 days of the lien filing, provided they pay you the total amount owed plus our fee. Additional charges may be assessed for storage if you have a sign posted, stating that you charge storage on all vehicles left after work is completed. Your sign must also show the daily storage fee. Your customer must pay all fees due at the time the vehicle is picked up. No partial payment may be accepted as it would invalidate the mechanic's lien already in process.

No. You must follow the lien sale procedures of the state in which the vehicle is located.

Yes. As long as the vehicle is in your possession in North Carolina.

Yes for North Carolina. The repair order should show labor charges for the time required, determining the repairs needed, plus our processing fee, and any storage costs.

For North Carolina: If the vehicle is on your property AND it is abandoned, you can request for a title after 30 days of possession.

For North Carolina: Any person who has an interest in the vehicle can stop the lien by filing a declaration of opposition with us and the DMV within 10 days of the mailing date of the notice of pending lien (by certified mail). When this happens, we cannot conduct the lien sale unless:

We file a court action within 30 days from the date of the notice and receive a court judgment in your favor.


We obtain a signed Release of Interest from the person who opposed the lien. This will be included on the notice the DMV sends to you.

Until the lien has been paid in full or you notify us to stop the lien, we will continue to process the lien.

The excess monies over the lien amount must be deposited with the clerk of court.

The new owner must have a valid North Carolina driver's license, proof of ownership (i.e. DMV Authorization of title or court order of title received from us), and proof of required insurance coverage and take the information to the DMV. DMV will issue title, registration, and license plate. Note: You do not have to obtain all items up-front (i.e. title, registration, and license plate). You are only required to purchase the title. Once the car is roadworthy, you may return to the DMV with the title, and apply for the registration and license plate.

Our services include a national search to locate the state of origin of the vehicle.

Red Abandoned Car